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Let’s Give It a Whirl

On reading Ms Klots’ book a little further, it appears that I should probably give some beetles their due.  It seems that my Wham-bang Electric Light Bugs might be Whirligig Beetles (Order Coleoptera, Family Gyrinidae) instead.   According to Ms Klots (1966:226), whirligig beetles are the only beetles that swim in the surface film, where... Continue reading »
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Wham-banging Electric-light Bugs

I made several fun observations and discoveries today.  These included an 8-foot alligator, a 4-foot alligator, a Great Blue Heron, some flowering cypress vine plants, some squirrel-gnawed hickory nuts, and some “wham-banging electric light bugs”.   At one small lakeside cove location (2-3 acres in size) I saw literally thousands of what appeared to be... Continue reading »
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