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Flowers and Feathers

Starting tomorrow the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument is celebrating a Wildflower Festival at their Visitor Center on Highway 74, Palm Desert, CA.  Spring ephemerals may be in short supply due to low winter rainfall totals, but there will be flowers and feathers nonetheless.     A few jimson weed flowers are... Continue reading »
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Plant Quiz – Answer

Shown here in full bloom, the plant of the week is one of the “wetter” wetland plants and is commonly known as Lizard’s-tail (Saururus cernuus).  
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Inundated Woolgrass

This is a simple photo preference quiz.  Which exposure of these woolgrass plants (Scirpus cyperinus) do you like best?  Neither is an option also.     Both of these photos were cropped, copyrighted, and watermarked, but they were not otherwise modified with an image software program.     Perhaps one or both views would be... Continue reading »
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Plant Quiz – Wednesday’s Clue

In the winter, the tinker toy appearance and the brown tail help identify this plant.     What plant is this?
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Watch This!

This one has nothing to do with wetlands or natural history, but here goes. During a late night drive through Connecticut some while back, a group of motorcyclists roared by me a couple of lanes over on the interstate.  At least one of them “popped a wheelie” and roared off with his (her?) front wheel... Continue reading »
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Plant Quiz – Monday’s Clue

Although the “tail” of this green “tinker toy plant” is now brown, the leaves should be a dead giveaway.     What plant is this?
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Saturday Movie Review – It Started with Eve

Jennie’s line (at the train station) of “Well what do you knoooow?” is the equivalent of finding a ruby in a diamond mine.  As good as that performance is, however, the movie snaps along at a lively pace of wit and humor and you may miss it if you don’t pay attention. For the photographers... Continue reading »
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Soggy Leaves

Based on my observations during the autumn of 2010, it seems that the timing of when a tree’s leaves fall in relation to the then current condition of the water column may have an impact on how those leaves eventually become water-stained and/or decompose.     One apparent sequence for autumn leaves seemed to be:... Continue reading »
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Big Roots

This root and this boulder have been good friends for several years.     The tree is a mature tree and the boulder apparently provides a solid base of support for the weight involved.     From the views afforded by these photos, the lower root has a larger diameter than many trees ever attain. ... Continue reading »
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Smooth Rock Tripe

In a visual comparison with Plate 865 (Brodo et al. 2001:705) [Lichens of North America, Yale University Press], it appears that my photos may depict a type of lichen known as Smooth Rock Tripe (Umbilicaria mammulata).     According to Brodo et al., some interesting aspects of these and related lichens are: 1) they typically... Continue reading »
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