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Kansas Wetlands Education Center

Today we’ll take a visual tour of the Kansas Wetlands Education Center, Great Bend, Kansas.  As the sign says, this is primarily a cooperative project between Fort Hays State University, Fort Hays, Kansas, and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.     The visitor center is relatively new and has state of the art... Continue reading »
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Blackened Leaves

Many of the winter, vernal, and summer pools of Maine have layers of blackened leaves covering their inundated or exposed soil surfaces.     Although the blackening, or water-staining processes that impart the dark colors to these leaves are still imperfectly understood, in many situations these features are thought to reflect the presence of wetland... Continue reading »
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Watermarked Turtle

In the early spring, turtles on logs are a common sight.  After viewing this one with my binoculars, however, I decided that it was worthy of an attempted photograph.     Note the partial rings of yellow pollen across this turtle’s shell.  Based on the angles of these rings (i.e., almost parallel with the water... Continue reading »
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Old House

The lighting was right and the subject was interesting as I passed this old house while I drove down the highway.  Thinking to myself that I was as close as I was ever going to be, and that like time and the tide, good photographic lighting conditions wait on no one, I turned the vehicle... Continue reading »
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Birding with the Windows Up

There are some things which I can appreciate in the great scheme of ecological relationships, but that I do not appreciate in the up close and personal mode.  Deer flies belong in this category.     On a recent mid-spring birding expedition (10 May 2014), I saw several deer flies zooming around my moving vehicle. ... Continue reading »
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Black-necked Stilts, Kansas

In all instances, these birds are aptly named.  Their necks are black, their legs are definitely stilt-like, and something about the proportions of these birds seems to emphasize the stilt-like qualities of their legs.  Their legs are thin and long in relation to their bodies, and their red color serves to make them even more... Continue reading »
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Under and Over

You never can tell when something interesting will happen at the bridges over the Mississippi River at Vicksburg, Mississippi.     While I took a break from driving (1 June 2014), I spotted an up-bound tow approaching the bridges.  When I glassed the situation I noticed a “helper” towboat assisting the larger tow.    ... Continue reading »
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Stuart Tanks

In the mid-1960s there was a comic book series about Sgt. Rock and the infantry of WWII.  If I recall correctly the same series also had stories about a tank crew using a Stuart tank.  Those stories constituted almost all I have ever known about the Stuart tank.     From some additional readings I... Continue reading »
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Mr. Red Britches

This great blue heron was taking a stroll on the seawall in the Long Beach, Mississippi, area on Saturday, 31 May 2014.     As I sat in my auto with the window rolled down, he (or she) just strolled by while keeping a weather eye on my activities.     As I watched and... Continue reading »
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Flying for Fun?

Do birds fly for fun?     On a recent drive along the Mississippi Gulf Coast (31 May 2014), I saw a large group of laughing gulls soaring in the wind.     There were people around and some may have been feeding the gulls prior to my arrival, but I didn’t notice any mobbing... Continue reading »
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