Black Ducks Near Portland, Maine

Black duck standing on a submerged log

Black duck standing on a submerged log


The feather-preening and log-loafing black ducks in my video –  –, along with some mallards and wood ducks, seem to have given their stamp of approval to the Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Land Trust’s Robinson Woods Preserve.

Beaver ponds can be very interesting places, and this particular one is easily accessible via the CELT’s Robinson Woods Preserve trail.

On this series of visits, centered around 28 November 2016, beavers were active as evidenced by standing and fallen trees with recent beaver “chews”, winterberry shrubs (Ilex verticillata) were loaded up with red-colored and orange-colored fruits (occurring interestingly enough on separate shrubs), and cattails were in “full fluff”.

The water in the pond had not yet frozen over so the ducks seemed to be contented with the habitat conditions.

Be sure to check out the trails and preserves in the Cape Elizabeth area if you visit Portland, Maine.  The Cape Elizabeth Land Trust folks can be reached at

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