Saturday Movie Review – It Started with Eve

Jennie’s line (at the train station) of “Well what do you knoooow?” is the equivalent of finding a ruby in a diamond mine.  As good as that performance is, however, the movie snaps along at a lively pace of wit and humor and you may miss it if you don’t pay attention.

For the photographers and the fans of classic black and white portrait photography in the crowd, the cigar scene with Jonathan (“the old man”), Roberts (the butler) and the doctor is a classic.  Do you know the personalities and events which apparently inspired the scene?

Also, the lighting and black and white photography are marvelous.  After enjoying the movie as entertainment, if you are a photographer it would be well worth your time to view it again to study the lighting.

The entire movie is indeed the equivalent of a cinematic diamond mine with great scenes piled one on top of the other.  I saw it for the first time just within the last few months, bit it is now one of my all-time favorites.  It is indeed that good.

It Started with Eve.  1941.  Deanna Durbin, Charles Laughton, and Robert Cummings.  Directed by Henry Koster.  Universal Pictures.   Black and white.

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