Some Interesting Birds – Alabama

While none of these bird observations are completely unexpected for this area at this time of the year (29-30 June 2014 for the Eufaula, Alabama area), they are mildly interesting to me.

These sightings include: 1) a glossy ibis; 2) an American coot; 3) a golden eagle; 4) an American goldfinch; and, 5) a pied-billed grebe.

I’m sure of the identification of the coot and the pied-billed grebe, and I’m reasonably confident of the glossy ibis.  The goldfinch seems likely from a brief, glancing observation.  The golden eagle is a probable based on size, shape, and plumage (i.e., as large as or larger than a vulture but definitely not a vulture; a brown bird with some “golden” plumage, but no white; from a very close, but brief observation).

Nothing special – just fun.

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