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Welcome to J.W. Teaford's Wetland Notes

A reference guide for wetlands topics

Wetland Notes is a series of informational and educational modules that have been and are being developed to help those interested in wetlands learn more about these diverse habitats.   These modules are built around photographs and field notes taken over the course of J. W. Teaford’s 30 year professional career of working in and teaching about wetlands throughout the United States.

How does it work?

Each module is a complete and independent Adobe® pdf file with a series of annotated photographs depicting natural phenomena associated with wetland environments.  Comments by the author are incorporated as notes, and where appropriate, the reader is advised of related topics in other modules. The modules can be used to complement formal training or used as a tool to tackle a specific wetlands question.

What subjects are available?

The modules cover numerous topics that pertain to hydrology, soils, vegetation and regional observations.  Wetland and environmental professionals from entry level to those with advanced experience can benefit from the information in the modules.  The modules also appeal to students, teachers, professors, and others with an interest in ecology, natural history, the environment, and the outdoors.  Users can also search the website by keyword(s) for specific topics.