About J.W. Teaford

J.W. Teaford

Pheasant Hunting in North Dakota

James W. Teaford (Jim) holds a Bachelors degree in Forestry from Mississippi State University and a Masters degree in Wildlife Sciences from Virginia Tech, and he has worked in the wildlife profession since 1977.  A Professional Wetland Scientist and a Certified Wildlife Biologist, Jim has taught over 100 wetland delineation courses throughout the country.  He has taught and/or delineated wetlands from Alaska to Puerto Rico and from New England to California.  Jim’s extensive experience in field investigations, field delineations, adn wetland training makes him an ideal go-to professional for challenging wetlands issues and educational training.

Jim is also an award-winning photographer and watercolor artist.  All of the photography on the website is his work.  He also enjoys pheasant hunting in the Dakotas, duck hunting on the Mississippi River and painting with watercolors.

Contact Jim for wetlands delineation courses, wetlands delineation, corporate training, guest speaking opportunities or to answer general wetlands questions.

A few of JW Teaford's Photographs

A few of JW Teaford's Photographs