Training and Consulting

A Professional Wetland Scientist and a Certified Wildlife Biologist, J.W. Teaford (Jim) has taught over 100 wetland delineation courses throughout the country.  He has taught and delineated wetlands from Alaska to Puerto Rico and from New England to California.

Field Work

J.W. Teaford and Company, a wetland delineation and natural resources management firm, has been in operation since 1992.  Jim specializes in the delineation of wetlands, teaching wetland training courses, and provides on-site wetlands training for companies with wetlands staff.  Contact Jim for guidance and insights on natural resource management issues, wetlands delineation courses, wetlands delineation, specialized corporate training (special courses and/or on-the-job training of individual employees or groups of employees) or to answer general wetlands questions.

Jim also teaches with the Wetlands Training Institute in locations throughout the United States, including Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Arlington, WA; Sacramento, CA; San Diego, CA; and Portage, Wisconsin.  To view their complete course listing, click here.

The Wetlands Notes Modules that are offered for purchase on this website are a great supplement to on-site wetlands training courses.  The cost-effective modules can be purchased on a subject-by-subject basis and allow the user to delve deeper into particular topics of interest.  The modules are a great tool for concentrating on very specific questions that often require more time than can be given in a group class setting.  Use the search function to find modules that correspond to your needs.

Field Work

In addition, Jim teaches with Gena Todia of Wetland Resources in the Mobile-Fairhope, AL area.  For information about dates and locations of courses offered, please contact Jim.

Please visit J.W. Teaford’s blog, Notes and Anecdotes, to for his thoughts on practical field work applications, common sense advice for wetlands issues, instructional updates, and light-hearted and fun wetlands and natural history observations.